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Pics "Chord Trainer"
Picture for SImon
For music teachers
Rhythm Sudoku
Web Calendar
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District Chorus Students
Magic eye picture
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Blank Page
Small company logo:
Chatham Park's Recorder Page

Hand Table Hitting Routine
table hitting Fast ALL.mov
table hitting medium ALL.mov
table hitting ALL.movtable routine BP.51.pdf

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

Very Cool Make Your Own Music Page

More Music Making Pages

Basic Rap
basic rap.mp3

For District Chorus:

Bach - Duo stepping on large keyboard.

Kazoos to a Metallica song

Music Theory - Chord Ear Trainer
(You can uncheck the chords you don't want to work on)

Music Theory - Note Name Trainer
(Toggle on and off the Note helper)

Simon Music Memory Game - Sometimes does not work

Which Do You Feed?

Victor Borge - Hungarian Rhapsody #2

Tom and Jerry Cat Concerto - Hungarian Rhapsody #2

Angklung Playing - Yesterday by the Beatles

Rowan Atkinson - Invisible Drums

Recorder Interactive Fingering Chart

Simple Recorder Page

Help learn the Names of Notes on Guitar Fretboard

Cute for younger students

Instrument music match

Here's another cute 'i-can-guess-the-number' game

Make a Snow flake

Christmas carol singers

Reindeer Orchestra

12 days

Make Your Own Instruments

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